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Are the calcium lactate and lactic acid in Vegan Gourmet® Cheese dairy free?

Yes, all ingredients in the Vegan Gourmet® Cheeses are completely dairy free and vegan. The lactic acid and calcium lactate are both derived from the fermentation of sugars from non-dairy sources and contain no dairy lactose.

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What allergens are present in your products & facility?

There are many allergen-friendly options in the family of Follow Your Heart products. Depending on what you are seeking to avoid, you can find the product that works for you using the following summary of allergens. You can also access our allergen charts for a clear view of allergens in our products and facility.


All Follow Your Heart products DO NOT contain Dairy, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, or Wheat/Gluten



Vegenaise – All five classic Vegenaise varieties contain Mustard. With the exception of Soy-Free, the remaining four contain Non-GMO Soy.

Vegenaise Gourmet – All six Vegenaise Gourmet (the flavored ones) contain Mustard and DO NOT contain Soy.


Vegan Cheese:

Soy-Free Blocks and Slices: Allergen-Free

Soy-Free Shreds: Allergen-Free

Made with Organic/Soy Blocks: Our classic “cheeses” contain Non-GMO Soy.


Vegan Gourmet Cream Cheese and Sour Cream both contain Non-GMO Soy.


Salad Dressings:

Our Salad Dressings are varied in their allergen content.

All Dressings contain Mustard with the EXCEPTION of Organic Italian Vinaigrette and Organic Balsamic Vinaigrette.

All Dressings contain Soy with the EXCEPTION of Lemon Herb and Reduced Fat Balsamic Sauce.

The only Dressing that contains Sesame is the Miso Ginger.

The only Dressing that contains naturally-occurring Sulfites is the Organic Balsamic Vinaigrette.


VeganEgg contains Non-GMO Soy.


(For more information about allergens in our facilities, please contact us at info@followyourheart.com or 1-888-394-3949)

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How does your facility handle allergens to avoid cross contamination?

We are very attentive to cross-contamination issues and have implemented allergen-conscious storage controls as well as washing and sanitizing processes for any utensils or equipment that may be used in processing products with different allergen profiles. For a full chart of allergens present in either our facilities or our products, please consult our allergen charts.

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