Diversity at FYH

Posted: 06/16/20

We know that a single social media statement is not enough, and we are committed to continued actions toward a more diverse and socially responsible Follow Your Heart. Our immediate plans include an internal audit and creating a dedicated diversity team. We are looking into our hiring practices, ensuring that we are inclusive, and our job postings are accessible to a wider net of qualified BIPOC applicants. We are increasing our partnerships with Black-led, plant-based organizations that work in Black communities to amplify their message and support food education, working to end food deserts in those communities. And we are continuing to listen, stay on top of issues, and learn from the conversations at this time.

DIVERSITY at Follow Your Heart

(BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Gender, Disability Equality)

We acknowledge that we can do better and we are dedicating resources to set goals and identify strategic and effective ways that we can achieve those goals.

First Steps:

  1. Create an internal diversity team that is passionate about this program
    1. to research, review ideas, propose initiatives, and outline path to success.
    1. contains employees at various levels within the company
    1. comprised of equal representation of our local community and company.
  2. Identify and outline three top line goals that we can achieve in the next 30 days to kick start a concerted effort towards long term ­change. (Highlighted in blue below.)
  3. Map out a 6-month and 1-year plan to ensure long term actions are in place

Education. Internal Action. External Action.



  • Start with holding a safe space to everyone to share how they feel. Do what we can and feel comfortable with, personally, to confront our personal prejudices and work on them.
  • Diversity training for employees
  • Intentionally expand our team. Look into our hiring practices, ensuring that we are inclusive, and our job postings are accessible to a wider net of qualified BIPOC applicants, such as Historic Black College websites, connecting with influencers of color to see if they know anyone looking for work, and reaching out amongst our own friends to see what qualified applicants are outside where we normally post.


  • Give. Be it by supplying food products, prepared meals, sponsorships, and/or financial donations
  • Amplification. Work directly to amplify Black work and Black voices
  • Diversify ambassadors. Work to include more BIPOC in who we partner with
  • Continue to listen, stay on top of issues, and learn what the conversation is.
  • Include more diversity on our social media feeds. More people/hands of color.
  • Increase partnerships with Black-led organizations working to end food deserts in Black neighborhoods.
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