Do you have any tips for making VeganEgg scramble?

Posted: 01/29/19

  • Make sure you are using ICE cold water (at least as cold as 40°F or 4°C)
  • Pour VeganEgg/water mixture into a non-stick pan large enough to form a thin layer (up to ½” thick max.)
  • Make sure the pan is hot before adding the mixture. The VeganEgg should bubble up when it’s poured into the pan
  • Stir the VeganEgg as soon as it hits the pan and then continue to stir intermittingly (around every minute). Do not over stir the VeganEgg; the mixture needs sustained contact with the heated pan to form the curds
  • Cook it for 7-9 minutes. Curds can form quickly, but they need to cook for 7-9 minutes to ensure they firm up to an eggy texture.
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