I’ve heard that Canola Oil is bad for you. Why do you use it in your products?

Posted: 01/29/19

We take the quality of our ingredients very seriously and only use ingredients which are aligned with our mission to produce wholesome, pure foods. Canola oil is completely safe for human consumption, and the canola oil we use in our products, unlike most canola oil, is not genetically modified (GM). Health-conscious consumers should be aware that most of the canola oil currently on store shelves is modified to be herbicide resistant (herbicide-resistant GM canola or Roundup Ready Canola was introduced in 1995) and, unless the oil is verified non-GMO by a third party like the Non-GMO Project, an ingredient listing of “canola oil” or even “non-GMO canola oil” should be considered GM or possibly contaminated with GM material.

Also, we only use expeller-pressed canola oil, which is not solvent-extracted like most canola oil is. Most canola oil is extracted from the seed using hexane, and during this process, is exposed to high temperatures. Expeller-pressed canola oil, however, is not exposed to this heat and better maintains the integrity of its fatty acid profile. Expeller-pressed, non-GMO canola oil is a rare and premium oil, but our research has shown us that this is the only canola oil that is up to our, and our customers’, standards.

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