What is Carrageenan and is it safe?

Posted: 01/29/19

We know that our customers expect us to use only the highest quality and healthiest ingredients available, and we do everything we can to meet those expectations. We feel confident in the ingredients we use and their alignment with our mission to make clean, healthy vegan foods.

Carrageenan is an ingredient derived from red seaweed that works as a thickener in foods. It is essential for the texture of VeganEgg and some of our cheeses.

Based on our extensive independent research, we have found that most of the concerns being raised about carrageenan are based on studies of “degraded” carrageenan, or poligeenan, and not the food-grade carrageenan that we use. Also, the most recent studies of food-grade carrageenan and the studies of carrageenan on humans showed no inflammatory or toxic impact on human intestinal cells. A summary of our research is available here. Of course, if you have a sensitivity or intolerance to carrageenan, we do not recommend eating it.

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