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    FYH Oscar

    Disclaimer about baking… as many of you know, baking is really a science when it comes to the functional ingredients that you mix up and then heat. You might be surprised, but you can actually get a PhD in baking, it’s that technical. With that said, we have found that VeganEgg works great in many baking applications, and with so many delicious foods, we may be experimenting on these for years.

    We do recommend you pre-mix VeganEgg before adding it to your other ingredients when baking. The amount of liquid you use is recipe dependent.

    If your recipe calls for:

    • 1 egg – use 1 pre-mixed VeganEgg with no adjustment
    • 2 eggs – 4 level tbsp VeganEgg powder and 3/4 cup cold water
    • 3-4 eggs – reduce the amount of water you’d need by about 1/2 per VeganEgg. So you’d need about 1/4 cup water per egg

    These recommendations are a guide, please feel free to play around and experiment! Share your tips, recommendations, etc below. And as always, we’re open to any questions you have.



    Has anyone tried using VeganEgg liquid to dip bread in to make french toast?


    FYH Oscar

    Hey turtleveg! We have actually posed a recipe for French Toast, check it out



    Thank you Oscar, I will try this! It would be great if FYH would update the “filter” option on the recipe search menu to allow for filtering by VeganEgg recipes. Currently you can filter by Veganaise, Veganaise Gormet, FYH Dairy Alternatives, and Salad Dressings. Can FYH add VeganEgg to this list? thanks!


    FYH Oscar

    @turtleveg – we certainly can, we’ll work on this and update it shortly!



    Has anyone tried making chewy/fudgy brownies with vegan egg yet? Using the Duncan Hines mix, I almost got fudgy brownies using aquafaba, but they still didn’t bind quite enough, and I’m hoping vegan egg might work for me (once it’s restocked).


    FYH Oscar

    @zimri We have actually posted a great recipe for using VeganEgg in brownies, please find it here: Hope that helps!



    If it takes longer for a vegan egg to cook would we bake recipe longer then it asks for? And if not cooked all the way will it make you sick?


    FYH Oscar

    Hi @Misty! Thanks for your question.

    It takes VeganEgg longer to cook when scrambling, not baking. Baking times should be the same or adjusted by only few minutes more.

    VeganEgg is not likely to make someone ill if not thoroughly cooked.

    Hope that helps!



    Has anyone tried or have a recipe for a frittata?



    @zimri I tried the VeganEgg in a brownie recipe I found in a cookbook and actually just weighed it out instead of trying to do egg for egg. In my opinion, the VeganEgg, when mixed is a bit thicker than a traditional scrambled whole egg. In a traditional egg, the egg white is thick but also quite watery. So I try to replicate that thinness in the VeganEgg by adding more water until I like the consistency. I know that can affect some of the coagulation properties of the egg but it worked perfectly fine for me.

    A traditional large egg is about 2oz so for the three eggs in my recipe, I weighed out 6oz of VeganEgg mixed. I put 4 tbsp of powder and about 1 cup of water to start. Then, I slowly added more water until I liked the consistency (it was thinner) and then poured it into a bowl on my small kitchen scale until it weighed 6oz.

    My brownies were a hit and had the perfect gooey/crumb texture!




    The first thing I thought of when I heard about the VeganEgg was banana pudding! I wanted to veganize the Nilla wafer recipe. Anybody know how the results would be? I know for the pudding it calls for you to make everything in a double boiler and I just wanted to make sure the veganegg didn’t start to actually cook and scramble when you put it in the double boiler?



    I used the directions above to replace three eggs in a pre-made brownie mix with VeganEgg–I used six level teaspoons of VeganEgg and 3/4 cup of water. The brownies came out absolutely perfectly! I’d always had horrific results using Ener-G Egg Replacer to make brownies, so I’m very glad VeganEgg works!



    Has anyone made pumpkin pie with the veganegg? Any tips?


    FYH Oscar

    Hi Devin,

    We have a Pumpkin Pie recipe that uses VeganEgg up on our website:

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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