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    FYH Oscar

    We’ve talked about scrambles, quiches, omelettes, baking, but what about the rest of it? VeganEgg can be used in many other ways and here’s where you can share them!

    Did you know VeganEgg works great on French Toast? What about flan? It can also coat things like Onion Rings!

    Here’s a few things we’ve tried:

    • Egg Patty – You can make a patty-style egg by using a 2-sided griddle (like a Panini press) that sandwiches the batter between two heat surfaces. *Watch your cook time, you’re using two heat surfaces with this method so it will cook faster. You can also use a smaller pan and flip halfway through. Have a waffle iron? Have fun and experiment!
    • Custards – Yep, VeganEgg works in custards! We’ve got recipes coming in and we’re developing more!
    • Fried Rice – This one’s a no brainer. Yes, it works great in fried rice!
    • Egg-Drop Soup – Cook your VeganEgg ahead of time, cut into thin ribbons, then add to your broth. Unfortunately, you can’t just add VeganEgg mix directly to your broth

    We’ll add more as we continue experimenting on our own, but feel free to reply with your experiments and culinary crusades!


    Jill E

    I find that subbing soy milk for water yields a firmer and more authentic texture when you scramble it. I’ve done this with a basic scramble and with French toast. This product is awesome! Cheers!


    FYH Oscar

    Thanks for sharing!



    Has anyone tried a hollandaise sauce with this yet?



    I imagine that it would work well in creme brulee, if it works in custard, but has anyone tried it?



    Anyone use this for egg salad?


    FYH Oscar

    Hi @Zimri! We actually posted a recipe for Creme Brulee, check it out http://followyourheart.com/recipes/vegan-creme-brulee/



    I made french toast with the vegan egg today, came out great but I have quite a bit of the mix leftover. I put it in the fridge right away, but was wondering if I could use it tomorrow for baking? I wanted to bake pumpkin bread and since it’s already seasoned with cinnamon, it would be perfect, and just enough, but wasn’t sure about the stability of the product once mixed (I did mix it in a blender with the recommended ice water and also some Silk coconut almond milk, so it’s really well blended up.) Please advise-thanks!


    FYH Oscar

    Hi Jennifer,

    Sorry for the late reply, but I do not think VeganEgg will retain its properties for very long once already mixed.


    Cherie Catchpole

    This is indeed a truly awesome product. Be aware though that if you mix it in a highs pods blender the heat of the blending action will cook the product so proceed with caution. I have made baked egg custard tarts and they were exactly like the traditional version in every way. I have also made quiche and used in pastry to great effect. More Kala namak (black salt) should be added to Savoury dishes that require an eggier taste. For vegan egg mayonnaise sandwiches, I used the lightly scrambled product with a vegan mayonnaise and it was delicious.


    Cherie Catchpole

    * high speed blender ( typo!)


    Cherie Catchpole

    Photos of things I’ve made are here

    Quiches https://instagram.com/p/BDQI-ctK4_Q/

    Baked vegan egg custard tart https://instagram.com/p/BDEPLtrK48P/

    Egg mayo sandwiches https://instagram.com/p/BDDVh_Pq46C/

    Thanks for looking! xx


    Derek kavanagh

    I have tried a few different ways. I put a review on my site if anyone wants a look. I love the product and can’t wait to try it with milk, I’ll try oat and hemp and see how they go. my family’s website


    I tried using vegan egg in a pumpkin pie. The custard set up when it was warm but the custard was kind of jello-y. When it cooled it be came liquid again. It was odd. I warmed the pumpkin pie to see what it would do and it set solid again. even more odd.
    I’m diebetic and want to try low carb bread items. I’m gonna try the vegan egg in a bread recipe but I’m sceptical. Has anyone tried it in homemade white or wheat bread?



    I experimented with subbing VeganEgg in pancakes and they came out great. I assumed the VeganEgg sub for baking was 1:1, same as making them scrambled but this was not the case. My recipe calls for two whole eggs. The equivalent in VeganEgg was too much liquid/mass, so I added a half cup at a time and made it to about 1.5 cups (about 3/4 of what two VeganEggs makes). At that point, it seemed extremely thick and I worried that it wouldn’t spread in the pan. I added about 1/4 c of milk and, still much thicker than my normal batter consistency, started the first ones in the pan. They did spread and they cooked very consistently through. They don’t bubble like traditional pancakes but they clearly dry out through the edges so that you can see when they are ready to flip. Very happy with the results. Next sub will be the dairy.

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