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    FYH Oscar

    Need help with your VeganEgg scramble? We’ve got some tips for you!

    • Did you remember to use ice-cold water? Tap water may not be cold enough, so be sure to pull some ice from the freezer, or keep some water in the fridge
    • Dealing with watery eggs? Extend cooking time to evaporate the excess water. The 6-8 minutes is based on our own tests using our equipment, and by all means can be adjusted to account for your kitchen
    • Are your eggs rubbery? Reduce the cooking time so you don’t evaporate out all of the water
    • What if my eggs start to brown? Your pan might be too hot. Reduce your heat and cook until most of the water is drawn out
    • Does your scramble look like a rubbery blob? Make sure you use ice cold water. The ingredients aren’t activated using just cold tap water, you need something colder. Even water kept in the refrigerator will work!

    Want to make more than a few eggs at a time? Cook them longer! Try to balance your quantity of eggs with the size of your pan. More eggs will need a larger pan. Also, you can cook them in batches so they all get even heat throughout cook time.

    Please share your own tips and tricks below! Have a question? Go ahead and ask and either our team here at Follow Your Heart or another member will answer.



    I’m just wondering, I made this about three times and the texture is a little rubbery. Would the ice cold water make a difference? I used cold water from my sink.



    Where can i find the nutritional content?
    i used refrigerated ice cold water and yrp it turned to a blob!
    AND how can i get the taste better?


    FYH Oscar

    Hi Yoconda,

    Yes, the ice cold water is crucial! Cold tap water would not be cold enough, best to refrigerate water or add ice to it before mixing. The texture relies on this.


    FYH Oscar

    Hi Veganchick, nutritional information can be found on the packaging and here: We suggest seasoning VeganEgg with Black salt to get more of the eggy flavor.



    Pre vegan I used to make scramble at work in the microwave, do you think this would work for vegan eggs? 30 sec and whisk, repeat till cooked?



    We liked the texture but there was no flavor. We added salt & pepper after cooking but next time, I will add it before cooking. I also want to try adding some garlic powder or nutritional yeast.



    Just tried these today and they were delicious! I used cold water from a pitcher I keep in the refrigerator, seasoned with salt and pepper as soon as the “eggs” hit the pan, and kept scrambling the entire time they cooked. I stirred in some sautéed veggies after the “eggs” were done. Delicious!


    FYH Oscar

    Hi @Andrea,

    You can make a scramble or an egg patty in the microwave. Its best to reduce the water by a touch and microwave in intervals (heat, stop, stir, reheat)


    Evil Underlord

    I just got my first package of VeganEgg. I first made a simple scramble, and it worked fine – good texture, but pretty bland until I added pepper and salt.

    Just now, I tried a Spanish tortilla (a thick omelet with potatoes, onions, mushrooms, etc.). That didn’t work out so well. We may have added the extra ingredients too soon – the mix stayed liquid for quite a long time. We did flip it eventually, but it was a bit of a mess. The result was mostly hot potatoes and mushrooms in a chewy overall skin, rather than a thick, tightly bound omelet. Maybe with less water than recommended, or cooking longer before adding the other ingredients.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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