Gluten-Free Bakery

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Made with simple ingredients, hearty whole grains, and baked with love by our dedicated bakers.

The Art of Gluten-Free Baking

With our passion for wholesome foods and a love for baking, we have crafted delicious, nutritious and immensely satisfying gluten-free baked goods. Inspired by recipes from our own small gluten-free bakery storefront, Rising Hearts, we have created this extraordinary line of gluten-free breads and tortillas for you to enjoy at home! We only use plant-based, non-GMO ingredients, all entirely free of dairy, eggs, gluten, nuts, and soy. Each loaf is also certified gluten free. Made with simple ingredients, hearty whole grains, and baked with love by our dedicated bakers, we know you will enjoy them as much as we do!

Gluten-Free Bread

  • Millet – Millet is an ancient grain that has been cultivated in East Asia as far back as 10,000 years. A highly nutritious seed with a slightly nutty flavor, millet is one of the more prevalent ancient grains available today. Our seeded millet bread is baked with sunflower and poppy seeds throughout to deliver a wholesome, hearty crunch and every slice delivers that soft, fluffy texture of traditional wheat bread.
  • Oat – Oats are great! With their subtle flavor and numerous health benefits, it’s no wonder oats are so popular. We use premium gluten-free certified oats, finely milled into a flour to make this hearty loaf and then we sprinkle whole oats on top for an extra crunch. Our versatile oat bread is perfect for sandwiches and, with a classic soft texture on the inside, it makes the best breakfast toast.
  • Brioche – How did we create a brioche without gluten, without eggs, and without milk? With a lot of determination and a dedicated, creative bunch of bakers, of course! We may not be French but we know great bread, and this gourmet, vegan brioche is our gluten-free homage to this beloved delicacy. Made with our own homemade hemp milk, this sweet bread is perfect for grilled cheeses, and of course, makes a sumptuous French Toast!


Gluten-Free Tortillas

  • Chia & Flax – This unique gluten-free recipe includes nutritious whole black chia and brown flax seeds for extra flavor. Our Chia & Flax tortillas are perfect for veggie wraps or for a healthier take on classic burritos and quesadillas.
  • Classic – Follow Your Heart® Classic Tortillas deliver the authentic flavor and soft texture you expect from a traditional tortilla. Our unique gluten-free recipe delivers a perfectly flexible tortilla ideal for wrapping burritos, quesadillas and veggie wraps.