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Improved Organic Vegenaise begins shipping this May!

Published May 30, 2017


As a continuous improvement step to provide the best-tasting and highest-quality products for you, our customers, we are switching the oil that we use in our Organic Vegenaise from organic soy to organic canola. This change will improve the taste and texture of our Organic Vegenaise and by choosing superior expeller-pressed oils from select vendors, we continue our commitment to using ingredients that are verified Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project. This change affects Organic Vegenaise, Organic Balsamic Vinaigrette, Organic Italian Vinaigrette, Organic Vegan Caesar and Organic Miso Ginger salad dressings.


The change is effective on these products beginning with date codes and later:

Organic Vegenaise: Best By: FEB 08 18

Organic Vegan Caesar: Best By: DEC 08 17

Organic Balsamic Vinaigrette: Best By: NOV 16 17

Organic Italian Vinaigrette: Best By: TBD

Organic Miso Ginger: Best By: TBD


We’re confident that this change will provide you with more scrumptious sandwiches and salads and deliver the classic Vegenaise taste and quality that you’ve come to trust.

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