Organic Commitment

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Organic produce deserves organic dressing and the greatest sandwich only gets better when it’s perfected with Organic Vegenaise. In our commitment to the planet and the integrity of our products, we seek out as many organic ingredients as possible to provide the highest quality foods for you and your family. Organic farming methods utilize more eco-friendly processes and materials that support biodiversity and don’t negatively affect the environment. We want to help leave our world better than we found it.

Sometimes we can’t source organic for everything, but when we can, we go through a third-party certification process to ensure the integrity of the organic claim.

100% Organic – These foods contain only organic ingredients (minus the water and salt, of course, which are just water and salt.)

Organic – These are made with over 95% organic ingredients, with the other 5% meeting strict standards to ensure things like no GMOs and no irradiation.

Made with Organic – These foods are made with over 70% organic ingredients.  We stuff in as much organic as we can (even if we don’t get over 95%), and ensure that all the other ingredients meet organic-compatible standards.

Ingredients Only – This is the “every little bit counts” category.  Even if we only have one ingredient that’s organic, we call it out with pride and list it on the label.