The Follow Your Heart Oasis

Posted: 04/11/13

There is only one Follow Your Heart. It is a unique environment which has been called by some ‘an oasis’. While at first glance it may appear to be just another health food store, Follow Your Heart  has been thriving for over three decades with the support of the many thousands of loyal customers who keep coming home to “The Heart.”

Situated in a half-century-old building which once housed a small neighborhood store and butcher shop, the market is far from a modern supermarket. Yet, within it, one can find just about anything to be found in much larger natural food stores, and something more.

While offering a wide array of products, one thing which is noticeably absent from the store is meat. Since its origin, the founders of Follow Your Heart chose not to sell meat, poultry or fish, in order to be consistent with their personal vegetarian beliefs. Rather than being a negative, this unconventional feature of the store is seen by many (especially vegetarians) as something which makes their shopping experience all the more pleasurable.
The popular restaurant within the store has always been a focal point of the attention that Follow Your Heart  has received. Well known as a vegetarian landmark in southern California since 1970, it has served not only the local community, but visitors from all over the world who have come to “The Heart” after hearing of it by word of mouth.

In addition to the restaurant, you will find the usual departments of produce, grocery (dry goods and perishables), as well as nutrition and natural body care, each having its particular Follow Your Heart  character. Our extensive selection of gifts and interesting books is just one more feature which sets the store apart from the ordinary. As in our other departments, our buyers go to great lengths to find those special items that our customers have come to expect from us, all in an effort to truly serve the unique interests of our patrons.

Finally, but most importantly, there is the Follow Your Heart  staff. When we hire someone to work at Follow Your Heart, we are looking for people who will carry on the traditions that the store is famous for. Today, we have moved on to a second generation. Many of the young people working in the store were preceded by their parents, who themselves were either long time customers or employees. People often ask us how we find such wonderful people. The answer? They are drawn to “The Heart.” Come, we welcome you, and invite you to experience for yourself what Follow Your Heart  is all about.

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