A Solar-Powered Flashback

Posted: 06/17/13

When Earth Island out grew our old facility in 2003, we made sure that the new facility would not only produce our great products, but also do something great for the environment.  We partnered with PermaCity, a local solar company, to help us achieve this dream.  Check out this flashback video of our President and CEO, Bob Goldberg, talking about our NEW (in 2003) building and our pride in “doing business without doing harm.”


Earth Island-Bob Goldberg from PermaCity Solar on Vimeo.


A New Year’s message from the CEO of Permacity:

“As we move into 2013 and to PermaCity’s 10-year anniversary, the price of solar energy is nearing grid parity. It is hard to imagine that just a short time ago solar required an 85 percent subsidy to be implemented. At that time PermaCity built the first and largest free standing Photo Voltaic (PV) system in Los Angeles. Earth Island Natural Foods’ 120 kW DC system is still working great today, and the inverter has never failed. We are proud to call Earth Island’s owners our good friends. Both PermaCity and Earth Island have grown, yet still retain a staff of motivated workers, a dedicated vision, and pride in our products. The solar industry has grown very fast and there have been many wins for the environment. Every solar project helps protect our threatened environment because a solar powered building has a smaller carbon footprint. It takes only 18 months of carbon in solar projects to generate 30-50 years of clean power. I predict that the Southwest U.S. will run on 60 percent solar, in the next 40 years. When the rest of the planet follows our lead, the environmental, economic, and urban design results will drive a heightened human intelligence. This is motivating and exciting!”

-Jonathan Port, CEO


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