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VegOut! Portland - Jul 21st -22nd

Portland, OR

VegFest Colorado - Jul 28th -29th

Broomfield, CO

VegFest Kansas City - Aug 18th -19th

Kansas City, MO

Veg Food Fest - Sep 07th -09th

Toronto, ON

 Can you tell we love pizza? But today’s is special. Why? Because it's #NationalJunkFoodDay. Celebrate with @sporkfoods recipe for #Vegan Jalapeño Popper Pizza. Link in bio  Time to fire up that grill once again, it's #HotDogDay! Celebrate with some friends, fun, and @sporkfoods recipe for #Vegan Coleslaw Dogs. Use our #Organic #Vegan Coleslaw Dressing or make your own! Link in our profile  @pbkindness has done it again! Today, she's gifted us a recipe for this beautiful #Vegan Chocolate Tart! As always, it's vegan but also #glutenfree! Enjoy! Link in bio  There's only one thing you should be making on National Mac and Cheese Day... @3.bunnies recipe for #VEGAN FRIED MAC'N'CHEESE BALLS! Loaded with three types of our #vegan cheese, these puppies will satisfy just about anyones craving. Fry some up and enjoy with friends! Watch the full recipe in our Instagram stories. #vegancheese #veganmacncheese #somuchyum
 Dear Canada, “Follow Your Heart” to Earth Island products! In Canada, we are known as #EarthIsland. All the same delicious #vegan products just under a different name! Keep your eyes peeled for this logo when shopping!⠀ ⠀ As always, you can use our store locator to find Follow Your Heart/Earth Island products near you, link in our profile.  A perfectly grilled Vegan Smoked Gouda Panini from @zamgoodfood. Pro tip: use a little #Vegenaise on the outside slices of bread for a delightful upgrade. Thanks for sharing! #vegansmokedgouda #vegangrilledcheese  Pack a lunch! Ordering takeout or going out for lunch on your break can be pricey. It can also lead you to using a variety of landfill bound materials and plastic. Pack your own lunch instead, it will be nice on the planet and your wallet. #sustainablesundays  You say po-tay-to, we say... french fries! Do #NationalFrenchFryDay right by cooking up some fries, chopped onions, and making "no-animal style" fries with our #Vegan Thousand Island and melty American Slices. Find both via our store locator., link in our bio! #veganthousandisland #vegancheese #veganfries

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Non-Dairy Cheese for Pizzas of all types

Here at Follow Your Heart, we're proud of our commitment to delicious, dairy-free cheeses for all diets. We have multiple cheese blends and types to fulfill all dietary needs when...

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