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Miami, FL

 Crispy BBQ Tofu Sandwich brought to you by #Vegenaise. Photo and recipe via @allshedoesiseat_ #BetterThanMayo #Vegenaise40  Make momma proud this Thanksgiving with @risingheartsbakery's recipe for #Vegan #GlutenFree Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. Maybe you'll be too busy to pay attention to that annoying uncle. Recipe in our profile! #vegancheesecake #veganbaking #veganglutenfree  We're dreaming of @appleseedcuisine's skillet avocado toast featuring our #vegan Smoked Gouda Slices. What's your comfy, bready go-to on the weekend? #avotoast #millennialtoast #vegansmokedgouda  Crispy, crunchy, #plantbased goodness in under 10 minutes. That's what you'll find in @sporkfoods recipe for Crispy Hard Shell Tacos that you'll need to get through #NationalJunkFoodDay. Link in profile! #vegancheese #veganfastfood #vegantacos
 Thanksgiving is all about the sides, for us. You'll see why if you try our recipe for Pesto Parmesan Mashed Potatoes! Link in our profile! #pestovegenaise #mashedpotatoes #thanksliving #veganthanksgiving  Separate and organize your waste! It takes close to no extra time, but it helps so much in the long run! If you live in an area that separates recycling and compost from garbage, look into how best to organize your waste! #sustainablesundays  #Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us! Luckily, we have some easy, delicious #vegan recipes via @SporkFoods for you. Check out their Creamy Green Bean Pimento Casserole with Crispy Onions for the whole fam. Link in our profile! #veganthanksgiving #veganrecipes #sporkfoods  Power through hump day with this fresh, colorful Miso Ginger Snap Pea Salad. Link in our profile! #vegansdontjusteatsalad #butthisisasalad #organicmisoginger

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