MVP for 2012

March 8, 2013

Every year, the natural food industry gathers in Anaheim for the Natural Products Expo West, a 3-day exposition of all things natural.  There are aisles and aisles of natural products, ranging from pet food and beauty products, to a wide selection of delicious natural foods.  To kick start this year’s Expo West, Follow Your Heart surprised one lucky recipient with the presentation of the inaugural Follow Your Heart MVP award.  And the MVP award went to… Suzanne Valker of NS Sales!

Martin Kruger, Suzanne Valker, Tammy Gall
Martin Kruger, Suzanne Valker, Tammy Gall

Suzanne Valker is the VP of Client Services for Natural/Specialty Sales, a natural food division of the ACOSTA broker company, located in Southern California.  “Suzanne is the dedicated Client Services Manager for Follow Your Heart and has proven herself as a key part of our sales team.  Her extensive knowledge of the natural food industry as well as her endless positive energy and attitude make it an honor and a privilege to work with her every day.” –Tammy Gall


The MVP award was created to acknowledge and thank that individual who most supported and promoted the Follow Your Heart brand.  “The list was long and the decision was hard, but at the end of the day, Suzanne really stood out as a great partner and we are proud to be able to acknowledge her for that.”



Thank you for your hard work Suzanne, and we can’t wait to continue the success in the years to come.


-Follow Your Heart

Retailer of the Year 2012

March 10, 2013

As the Natural Products Expo West began to draw to a close, a group of Mother’s Market team members began to gather around the Follow Your Heart booth.  They were asked to come by to try the new selection of Vegan Gourmet Shreds, but the true purpose of their visit was about to be presented.

Mo George-Payette accepting the award
Mo George-Payette accepting the award

Tammy Gall, National Sales Manager of Follow Your Heart, presented Mother’s Market with the newly coveted Retailer of the Year award, after a stellar year and an impressive display of Follow Your Heart brand products.  The crowd cheered as Mo George-Payette accepted the award, which was created by Follow Your Heart to thank those retailers who have exemplified a true partnership and share core values with the Follow Your Heart brand.

Martin Kruger, Bob Goldberg, Mo George-Payette, Tammy Gall

“The Mothers Market practically looks like a Follow Your Heart showroom, with such great displays of our products. We value our relationship and the way we’ve been growing our business together in mutually sustainable ways.” – Tammy Gall

Congratulations Mother’s Market and best of luck for next year!

-Follow Your Heart

A Solar-Powered Flashback

When Earth Island out grew our old facility in 2003, we made sure that the new facility would not only produce our great products, but also do something great for the environment.  We partnered with PermaCity, a local solar company, to help us achieve this dream.  Check out this flashback video of our President and CEO, Bob Goldberg, talking about our NEW (in 2003) building and our pride in “doing business without doing harm.”


Earth Island-Bob Goldberg from PermaCity Solar on Vimeo.


A New Year’s message from the CEO of Permacity:

“As we move into 2013 and to PermaCity’s 10-year anniversary, the price of solar energy is nearing grid parity. It is hard to imagine that just a short time ago solar required an 85 percent subsidy to be implemented. At that time PermaCity built the first and largest free standing Photo Voltaic (PV) system in Los Angeles. Earth Island Natural Foods’ 120 kW DC system is still working great today, and the inverter has never failed. We are proud to call Earth Island’s owners our good friends. Both PermaCity and Earth Island have grown, yet still retain a staff of motivated workers, a dedicated vision, and pride in our products. The solar industry has grown very fast and there have been many wins for the environment. Every solar project helps protect our threatened environment because a solar powered building has a smaller carbon footprint. It takes only 18 months of carbon in solar projects to generate 30-50 years of clean power. I predict that the Southwest U.S. will run on 60 percent solar, in the next 40 years. When the rest of the planet follows our lead, the environmental, economic, and urban design results will drive a heightened human intelligence. This is motivating and exciting!”

-Jonathan Port, CEO