A Message from Bob, Co-Founder & CEO of Follow Your Heart

In 1970, we (Michael, Paul, and Spencer, and myself) started Follow Your Heart as four young guys working in the original market and cafe in Canoga Park, CA. In 1988, Paul and I shared a common vision of a company, Earth Island, that would have the capability to provide healthful, nutritious, and delicious vegetarian food […]

Earth Day 2020

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Follow Your Heart’s manufacturing facility, Earth Island, is proud to announce it has been upgraded from a Gold to a Platinum Level Certified Zero Waste facility. We are now diverting 98% of our waste from the landfill through recycling, composting, reduction, and re-purposing of materials Not only […]

Eat More Plants, Save the World

Driving an electric vehicle, carrying a reusable water bottle, and switching to more energy efficient light bulbs are some of the most common to-dos when it comes reducing our individual carbon footprints. Even plastic straws are increasingly reaching villain status in mainstream consciousness. But you want to do more, right? Consider this: One of the […]

Zero Waste Certified

Follow Your Heart is proud to announce that Earth Island, our very own manufacturing facility and office building, is now Zero Waste Certified at the Gold Level! We’ve been working hard with Green Business Certification Incorporated to achieve this milestone. In addition to diverting over 97% of our waste from landfills, we are now the […]

Sustainable Business Council Awards 2017

Wednesday April 19th, 2017 was a big night for us. The Sustainable Business Council (SBC) of Los Angeles held their Sixth Annual SBC Awards at New Roads School. The night saw awards go to fellow green industry leaders like Van Jones, Prana Clothing, LAcarGuy Mike Sullivan, Homeboy Recycling, and more. Follow Your Heart Market & Cafe […]

Every Day is Earth Day (or should be)

Every year on April 22nd, the United States, along with more than 190 other countries, celebrates Earth Day. Most of have heard of this day, but do we really know what it means? Earth Day’s origins go back to an UNESCO conference in San Francisco where it was suggested that we should honor the earth […]

A Zero Waste Take on Spring Cleaning

With Spring right around the corner, I can’t help but start to think about Spring Cleaning. There are a handful of potential origins of this centuries­old tradition, including Persian New Year and the Jewish high holiday of Passover. Whether or not an exact source can be pinpointed,one thing they all have in common is this […]