Be honest, have you ever tried a vegan cheese that you wanted to eat right out of the package … and then just kept on eating and eating and…? Our new Slices and Blocks are just that, and the whole family of Follow Your Heart vegan cheeses are the best in every category. We’ve got versatile blocks for casseroles, delectable slices for sandwiches, and convenient shreds for pizzas and quesadillas. Soy-free? Yep, we’ve got some. Made with organic? Yep, we’ve got some. You name it, we’ve got it… and we’re always making more!

Warning: This cheese will redefine your expectations of vegan cheese! These brand new slices and blocks are so amazing, they’ve been called a game changer… make that “hashtag” gamechanger! We guarantee you’ll love them right out of the package!

Bring a taste of Italy into your kitchen with new Follow Your Heart® Parmesan! Sprinkle a healthy serving of shredded Parmesan onto baked asparagus with fresh-squeezed lemon. You can’t go wrong with this Parmesan!

Vegan Gourmet® Shreds have a cheesy flavor and gooey melt-ability that brings convenience to your kitchen. Shreds’ bold, savory taste and creamy texture help make eating dairy free easier than ever!

The vegan cheese that started it all. For over a decade, these soy-based “cheeses” have delivered the creamy melt that vegans and those with lactose intolerance have come to demand. Now, the classic recipe is made with over 70% organic ingredients!