Diversity at FYH

We know that a single social media statement is not enough, and we are committed to continued actions toward a more diverse and socially responsible Follow Your Heart. Our immediate plans include an internal audit and creating a dedicated diversity team. We are looking into our hiring practices, ensuring that we are inclusive, and our job postings are accessible to a wider net of qualified BIPOC applicants. We are increasing our partnerships with Black-led, plant-based organizations that work in Black communities to amplify their message and support food education, working to end food deserts in those communities. And we are continuing to listen, stay on top of issues, and learn from the conversations at this time.

DIVERSITY at Follow Your Heart

(BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Gender, Disability Equality)

We acknowledge that we can do better and we are dedicating resources to set goals and identify strategic and effective ways that we can achieve those goals.

First Steps:

  1. Create an internal diversity team that is passionate about this program
    1. to research, review ideas, propose initiatives, and outline path to success.
    1. contains employees at various levels within the company
    1. comprised of equal representation of our local community and company.
  2. Identify and outline three top line goals that we can achieve in the next 30 days to kick start a concerted effort towards long term ­change. (Highlighted in blue below.)
  3. Map out a 6-month and 1-year plan to ensure long term actions are in place

Education. Internal Action. External Action.



  • Start with holding a safe space to everyone to share how they feel. Do what we can and feel comfortable with, personally, to confront our personal prejudices and work on them.
  • Diversity training for employees
  • Intentionally expand our team. Look into our hiring practices, ensuring that we are inclusive, and our job postings are accessible to a wider net of qualified BIPOC applicants, such as Historic Black College websites, connecting with influencers of color to see if they know anyone looking for work, and reaching out amongst our own friends to see what qualified applicants are outside where we normally post.


  • Give. Be it by supplying food products, prepared meals, sponsorships, and/or financial donations
  • Amplification. Work directly to amplify Black work and Black voices
  • Diversify ambassadors. Work to include more BIPOC in who we partner with
  • Continue to listen, stay on top of issues, and learn what the conversation is.
  • Include more diversity on our social media feeds. More people/hands of color.
  • Increase partnerships with Black-led organizations working to end food deserts in Black neighborhoods.

Earth Day 2020

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Follow Your Heart’s manufacturing facility, Earth Island, is proud to announce it has been upgraded from a Gold to a Platinum Level Certified Zero Waste facility. We are now diverting 98% of our waste from the landfill through recycling, composting, reduction, and re-purposing of materials

Not only is 2020 the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, it’s also the 50th anniversary of Follow Your Heart. Our commitment to sustainability is our way of celebrating Earth Day every day and our ability to achieve Platinum Level status comes with the daily actions taken by each of our dedicated employees. Here is just a small list of the things we’ve done at Earth Island to earn credits towards our new Platinum Zero Waste status:

  • Over 2,000 solar panels generating 1.73 million kW in 18 months that power our entire facility.
  • Product label backings have been changed from a nonrecyclable, mixed-material, wax-coated paper to a clear, recyclable plastic.
  • Cheese shred packaging was redesigned to use 14% less plastic.
  • Reusable utensils have been provided in our breakroom areas for all employees.
  • New partnership with TerraCycle helps us recycle hard-to-recycle waste items into a variety of new products such as park benches, bike racks, shipping pallets and recycling bins.
  • Participation in community outreach events with organizations including Tree Care Griffith Park, Community Clean Up, Heal the Bay, LA River Clean UP, and more.
  • New partnerships with California State University Northridge, Champions for Change, Food Forward and Freedom Church for pop-up events where we distribute 10 pallets of fruits and vegetables each month to local food banks and community service organizations.
  • Collaboration with Homeboy Recycling to recycle over 2,000 pounds of electronic waste which included TVs, monitors, computer equipment and accessories, cell phones and landline phones, and cables and wires and rechargeable batteries.

We are always looking towards the future to find new and innovative ways to continue our support of the environment. In the near term, we are working to reduce our plastic packaging by 20% and identify packing materials that will improve recyclability. Additionally, we will continue to encourage individuals, organizations, and businesses to achieve sustainability in their own practices.

The Vegenaise Cookbook


The VEGENAISE Cookbook

Great Food That’s Vegan, Too

On Sale NOW!

Click below to ORDER NOW!


About the Book:

A Cookbook Inspiring Healthy Eating for Everyone

Easy and accessible to both seasoned and new plant-based cooks, The Vegenaise Cookbook offers page after page of dishes with traditionally comforting flavors and ingredients. This collection is organized to guide you through appetizers, sandwiches, dips and sauces, weeknight mains, hearty salads, and decadent desserts.

The Vegenaise Cookbook is a cookbook without pretense or judgment. It’s family-friendly food for a whole new generation. In this book, you’ll find a welcome mix of nutritious and indulgent plant-based recipes, including:

  • Lemon & Thyme Broccolini Tarts
  • Herbed Parmesan Polenta Fries
  • Crispy Mushroom Po’ Boy Sandwiches
  • Beluga Lentil Salad with Minty Crème Fraîche
  • Pesto Artichoke Pizza
  • Spicy Southwestern Potato Salad
  • Blender Blackout Double Chocolate Cake
  • and much more!

Recipes are inspired by the offerings at Follow Your Heart Market & Cafe, the natural foods restaurant that author Bob Goldberg and friends opened in 1970, where Vegenaise was born. From The Countryman Press, a division of W.W. Norton.

About the Author:
Bob Goldberg is co-founder and CEO of Follow Your Heart, opened in 1970 in Canoga Park, California, where he developed Vegenaise. Follow Your Heart started as a seven-seat vegetarian food counter that needed an egg-free “mayo.” Vegenaise was born. Follow Your Heart continues to operate the original market and café but has grown the Vegenaise family into a $60-million business. Bob resides in the Santa Susana Mountains with his wife, Kathy.

© Max Threlfall

Plant-Based Options for Food Service

In addition to our award-winning retail products, Follow Your Heart provides bulk and food service options to help you transform your menu for the growing plant-based demand. Interest in plant-based foods is increasing rapidly with retail growth outpacing overall US retail food market at 11% overall in 2019.

With solutions for just about every category on your menu, we are committed to making the switch easy and nutritious with an emphasis on delivering delicious meals. We work closely with DOT and other food service distributors to bring these products to you with ease.

See below for our offering through DOT and feel free to reach out with any questions on our products or their availability. For sales inquiries, new placements, and promotions, please contact us salesinfo@followyourheart.com

Turnip Truck

We’re jealous of everyone in Nashville that gets to shop at Turnip Truck! They’ve been serving the community since 2001 with a focus on local produce from independent farmers, sustainability, and community-building. Their aim is to empower their local community to eat “real food” by providing the highest quality natural, local, and organic foods.

Fresh local produce. Photo by Paulo Sousa

Founded by community farmer, John Dyke, the store now has two locations in the heart of Nashville. Their mission is to connect the Nashville community with local, independent farmers by way of fresh produce. They also aim to enhance and support all diets through their expansive array of high-quality, natural foods. While they do support their community by bringing in locally manufactured products, they also offer non-local premium products to support and nourish all dietary needs.

Founder John Dyke, top right, with students. Photo by Paulo Sousa

Aside from selling great products, Turnip Truck aims to be an important contributor to their community. The store hosts sampling events, educational events, charity events, fundraisers, and more! They host summer tours and visit a local daycare to educate and assist in installing raised gardens.

An array of Follow Your Heart vegan products on shelf. Photo by Paulo Sousa

Follow Your Heart is proud to partner with Turnip Truck as part of our Local Love program. We also have our roots as a small, community-focused, independent natural foods store, Follow Your Heart Market and Café. Both stores cater to health food fanatics, moms, college students, and those struggling to find delicious foods due to dietary needs. Turnip Truck proudly carries our Vegan Slices, Parmesan, and Vegenaise.

Bulk section that allows customers to bring reusable packaging. Photo by Paulo Sousa

Whether you live in Nashville or are just visiting, we can’t recommend The Turnip Truck enough! Stop by for their Salad and Hot bar, fresh juices, full-service deli, or some of the best local produce the area has to offer. And as always, don’t forget the Vegenaise!

You can visit The Turnip Truck at

Turnip Truck Natural Market
701 Woodland ST
Nashville, TN 37206

Turnip Truck Urban Fare
321 12th Ave South
Nashville, TN 37203

Instagram: @theturniptruck

BESTIES Vegan Paradise

Ever walk into a convenience store and leave disenchanted and hungry? Ever have those grocery trips where you spend half your day hopping from shop to shop in a vain attempt to find all your favorite vegan products? Allison Shead, Asia Phoenix, and Matt Fontana all had the same problems so, they decided to do something about it. BESTIES Vegan Paradise opened in January of 2019 to a hungry audience.

BESTIES is proud to represent the Los Angeles vegan community

Located in East Hollywood, California, BESTIES Vegan Paradise aims to become a vegan 7-Eleven: a place where anyone can stroll in and pick up a snack, some coffee, or a meal to take home. The long-term plan is to open more locations, first in more Los Angeles neighborhoods! Their offering includes the staples, like chips, dips, candy bars, veggie jerkies, frozen meals, cookies, and ice creams, all vegan. But Besties sets itself apart by including kombuchas, juices, gourmet vegan cheeses, sandwich fixin’s (including Rising Hearts Bakery Gluten-Free Bread), ready-to-eat meals from Clean South, a robot that will blend you fresh juices, and more! You can expect to find Vegenaise, Dressings, Yogurts, and Cheeses from Follow Your Heart readily available. As members of our new Local Love program, you can count on Besties to be some of the first stores in the country to carry our new products, like our Dairy-Free Sour Cream, Dairy-Free Cream Cheese, and Dairy-Free Yogurts.

A few of the Follow Your Heart products you can find on their shelves.

BESTIES is more than a convenience store. Their clientele consists of members of the East Hollywood community, most of which are not vegan. Despite not committing to the plant-based lifestyle, the locals have embraced besties and they have established regulars who visit frequently. Their approach is to create a positive atmosphere where all walks of life are welcome. Vegan, Vegetarian, whatever your diet is, BESTIES is there to feed you.

All the vegan jerky and snacks our hearts desire

Alison, Asia, and Matt focus primarily on smaller food companies to stock their shelves. About 30% of their products come from local producers. They are strict about only purchasing from all-vegan companies with increased emphasis on people of color and women-owned businesses. You can shop at besties and leave feeling like you’ve done something good for the planet and for a growing community.

From L-R: Asia Phoenix, Kelli (from FYH), and Allison Shead.

To top it all off, BESTIES hosts pop-up events featuring local vendors from Thursdays through Saturdays. You can find tacos, Burgers, even fried chicken, all vegan, just outside their shop on Fountain Blvd. Be sure to follow them on Instagram to stay in the know, @bestiesveganparadise. Don’t be surprised if you find Follow Your Heart products on those pop-up menus, either!

BESTIES Vegan Paradise is located at

4882 Fountain Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90029

Instagram: @BESTIESveganparadise

Follow Your Heart Market & Café

21825 Sherman Way

Canoga Park, CA 91303





Follow Your Heart Café has a full vegan menu (with limited dairy options) as well as a dedicated “no-Salt, no-Oil, no-Sugar” selection called our SOS menu. Click below to preview our menus:

FYH Menu       SOS Free Menu (No salt, no oil, no sugar)     Thanksgiving menu (pre-order today!)





The Market

Follow Your Heart Market offers a wide array of unique and specialty vegetarian and vegan foods in our 6500 square foot store. Since our early days, just two blocks from our current location, we’ve prided ourselves on a distinct selection of local and organic produce, featured independent food brands, and fresh deli items.

We have a full aisle of vitamins and supplements with an on-staff expert who can help you find the right product. Our hand-picked gift section will inspire and entertain you with items made locally as well as from cultural communities around the globe. While you wait for a table, feel free to peruse our hand-picked book corner or decide on a nice Kombucha or cold brew for your meal.

At Follow Your Heart, you can also shop with the environment in mind with our fully-stocked bulk section with grains, flours, and freshly ground coffee– just bring your own container and fill it up. And don’t forget that shot of fresh-pressed wheatgrass before you check out!

And we can’t forget Follow Your Heart products. The market is your one-stop-shop for ALL our products as we share some samples of new products that we’re just trying out.


The Café

What began in 1970 as a seven-seat sandwich and juice bar has evolved into our 67-seat Follow Your Heart Café. The café is tucked away in the back corner of our market, so don’t be bashful… come on in. The wooden decor lends itself to the community feeling for which Follow Your Heart® is so famous. You can dine at the counter with our “regulars” or at a table inside or out on the relaxing patio. The counter is an especially unique part of the café experience, and many a friendship has begun as a result of a chance encounter here.

Our home-style comfort food is modestly priced, and the portions are generous, so come hungry. The menu is vegan with select and limited dairy options and we use seasonal and organic ingredients whenever possible. We also offer an exclusively gluten-free menu upon request as well as our No Salt, No Oil, No Sugar (SOS) menu.

In addition to our regular menu, daily specials are served at each meal. Our hearty homemade soups are something that we’re particularly known for and several are offered throughout the day. You can also find a deliciously low fat and low sodium soup option. Local and organic wines and craft beers and kombucha are on tap to accompany your meal

We welcome you to come visit and please say hello when you do!

Follow Your Heart Community Center

Formerly the ‘In The Mudra Dance & Yoga Studio’, The Follow Your Heart Center is owned and operated by Follow Your Heart Market & Restaurant, and conveniently located just two doors west of Follow Your Heart towards Topanga Canyon.  The Heart Center is also available for hourly rentals so if you are interested in reserving space, please email heartcenter@followyourheart.com




Cinco De Mayo Vegan Nacho Giveaway





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To enter, visit Follow Your Heart’s Instagram page to view the post, (www.instagram.com/followyourheart) during the Sweepstakes Period, follow all four @estolias, @latejulyorganic, @the_tofurky_company and @followyourheart social media accounts, and tag one (1) friend you’d share your nachos with in the comments of the sweepstakes post.

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Winners Names. To obtain the names of the official winner (after the conclusion of the Sweepstakes) or a copy of these Official Rules, send a self–addressed envelope with the proper postage affixed postmarked to: Follow Your Heart/Earth Island LLC, Attn: Cinco De Mayo Giveaway, PO box 9400, Canoga Park, CA 91309. Please specify “Winner’s Names” or “Official Rules” in your request.