A Message from Bob, Co-Founder & CEO of Follow Your Heart

In 1970, we (Michael, Paul, and Spencer, and myself) started Follow Your Heart as four young guys working in the original market and cafe in Canoga Park, CA. In 1988, Paul and I shared a common vision of a company, Earth Island, that would have the capability to provide healthful, nutritious, and delicious vegetarian food […]

Earth Day 2020

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Follow Your Heart’s manufacturing facility, Earth Island, is proud to announce it has been upgraded from a Gold to a Platinum Level Certified Zero Waste facility. We are now diverting 98% of our waste from the landfill through recycling, composting, reduction, and re-purposing of materials Not only […]

The Vegenaise Cookbook

Introducing… The VEGENAISE Cookbook Great Food That’s Vegan, Too On Sale NOW! Click below to ORDER NOW! LOYALTY BOOKSTORESAMAZON         BARNES & NOBLE       INDIEBOUND         BOOKSHOPHERBIVORE CLOTHING About the Book: A Cookbook Inspiring Healthy Eating for Everyone Easy and accessible to both seasoned and new plant-based cooks, The Vegenaise Cookbook offers page after page of dishes […]

Plant-Based Options for Food Service

Looking for restaurants that use Follow Your Heart products on their menus? Visit our store locator! In addition to our award-winning retail products, Follow Your Heart provides bulk and food service options to help you transform your menu for the growing plant-based demand. Interest in plant-based foods is increasing rapidly with retail growth outpacing overall […]

Turnip Truck

We’re jealous of everyone in Nashville that gets to shop at Turnip Truck! They’ve been serving the community since 2001 with a focus on local produce from independent farmers, sustainability, and community-building. Their aim is to empower their local community to eat “real food” by providing the highest quality natural, local, and organic foods. Founded […]

BESTIES Vegan Paradise

Ever walk into a convenience store and leave disenchanted and hungry? Ever have those grocery trips where you spend half your day hopping from shop to shop in a vain attempt to find all your favorite vegan products? Allison Shead, Asia Phoenix, and Matt Fontana all had the same problems so, they decided to do […]

Follow Your Heart Market & Café

21825 Sherman Way Canoga Park, CA 91303 818-348-3240 marketcafe@followyourheart.com Map                         Follow Your Heart Café has a full vegan menu (with limited dairy options) as well as a dedicated “no-Salt, no-Oil, no-Sugar” selection called our SOS menu. Click below to preview our menus: FYH […]

Eat More Plants, Save the World

Driving an electric vehicle, carrying a reusable water bottle, and switching to more energy efficient light bulbs are some of the most common to-dos when it comes reducing our individual carbon footprints. Even plastic straws are increasingly reaching villain status in mainstream consciousness. But you want to do more, right? Consider this: One of the […]

12 Days of VeganEgg Holiday Giveaway

The holidays are here! Time for some last minute shopping and that all-too-familiar feeling that you forgot to get presents for that special plant-based chef in your life. But never fear! Enter our giveaway and you could be one of 12 winners to win: 2 cartons of VeganEgg An FYH Whisk Our VeganEgg Cookbook We’ll […]