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NYC Vegetarian Food Festival - May 07th -08th

The Metropolitan Pavilion

Strolling of the Heifers - Jun 04th -05th

Brattleboro Common and Retreat Lawn

Portland Vegan Beer & Food Festival - Jun 11th

Zidell Yards

 Happy Cinco De Mayo!! We made 5 (cinco) simple ‪#Vegenaise‬ recipes to get the most out of your ‪#BetterThanMayo‬: Lemon-Caper, Curry, Garlic-Parmesan, Avocado, & Harissa! Link in profile! ‪#CincoDeMayo‬ ‪#CincoDeVegenaise  Sunday is ‪#MothersDay‬! Treat mom to a delicious ‪#‎plantbased‬ brunch with these recipes from us, @sporkfoods and @eat.drink.shrink. Link in profile #veganbrunch #veganmoms #LiveHealthy  Finding time for lunch can be hard sometimes. #Organic Balsamic Vinaigrette and sliced tomatoes is ‪#‎MyKindOfSalad‬, what's yours?  Today's ‪#MeatlessMonday‬ swap is ‪#AvocadoToast‬ ( for the novice: Avocado Toast with Tomato Confit and Pickled Kale ( for the expert! Find our full calendar of recipes via the link in our profile! #MeatlessMay
 We're kicking off ‪#CincoDeMayo‬ fun with our ‪#MeatlessMay "‪#elote‬" recipes for: Chipotle Elote ( & Mexican Elote Bisque from @ashleepiper (  A long time ago, in a vegetarian café not-so-far away... #MayTheFourthBeWithYou with R2-V2 and his lil buddy VG-8. #BetterThanMayo #vegemoji #MayoTheFourthBeWithYou  #Plantbased "Lobster" Roll brought to you by #Vegenaise®. Sandwich and photo by @lisamyaf. #BetterThanMayo #LiveHealthy  It's #MeatlessMay! We'll start things off with an easy swap. For the novice, try out Avocado #Vegenaise ( For the expert, #Harissa Aïoli ( And save $1 off any Follow Your Heart Product with the coupon link in profile!

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Cinco De Mayo

Here's 5, I mean Cinco, Vegenaise® recipes to celebrate Cinco De Mayo! Lemon-Caper Sauce - Bright and citrusy, great for battered tofu tacos or dipping veggies straight in!   Curry Mayo -...


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