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Los Angeles Green Festival - Sep 12th -14th

10-6pm at LA Convention Center

Chicago Green Festival - Oct 24th -26th

10-6pm at Navy Pier

San Francisco Green Festival - Nov 14th -16th

10-6pm at Fort Mason

 If you love a good crunch in your salad, look no further: our shredded carrot salad with pistachio, apple, mint and dates delivers! Recipe link in profile. #vegenaise #mayokarma  For a fall take on a summer classic, you can't beat our curried sweet potato salad, made with #Vegenaise!​ Recipe link in profile! #mayokarma  Every country does Ceviche differently – our version is made with crunchy, juicy veggies and then nestled into a fresh avocado. Delish! Recipe link in profile.  One jar, 51 servings of #mayokarma. This week we're diving head first into a 32oz jar of Vegenaise and pulling out 8 delicious recipes that we know you (and your wallet!) will love. Link in profile!
 Our Monday night menu features a savory pastry filled with bright asparagus. Recipe link in profile! #mayokarma #vegenaise  Whether you're entertaining a dinner party or hungry household, our fire roasted eggplant dip made with #Vegenaise is always a crowd pleaser. Recipe link in profile! #mayokarma  Feel a little chill in the air? Time for fall comfort food! Try our mushroom and kale stroganoff tonight. Recipe link in profile! #mayokarma #vegenaise  ​Check out this haul! What healthy choices did you make at the market this weekend? #regram: @LoveEachOne

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Meet our Foster Orangutan

Help us welcome Cory Marder to the Follow Your Heart Family! Little Cory came from a palm oil plantation not far from one of Orangutan Foundation International’s protected forests. ...

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