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Los Angeles Green Festival - Sep 12th -14th

10-6pm at LA Convention Center

Chicago Green Festival - Oct 24th -26th

10-6pm at Navy Pier

San Francisco Green Festival - Nov 14th -16th

10-6pm at Fort Mason

 Which of these is non-GMO, no cholesterol, and solar powered? #Vegenaise, of course! #cleaneatingswap #mayokarma  Time for another Clean Eating Swap! Ditch the iceberg lettuce and bring on the #kale! Kale trumps iceberg in every category, boasting 308% of your daily value of vitamin A per 100g, versus just 10% in iceberg – and talk about versatile! Try kale steamed or sautéed as a hot side dish, or toss it with your favorite dressing for a salad that packs a healthy punch. #cleaneatingswap  It's all about the little changes that add up to a healthy lifestyle. For today's #cleaneatingswap, we're tossing out white bread for whole grain, which is higher in fiber, vitamins B6 and E, and folic acid – all important for a healthy heart!  Spread the #MayoKarma love! Tag @FYHproducts in your photos to share your Follow Your Heart creations! #regram: @coldxtofurkey #vegan #vegetarian
 Hostesses of the mostess keep Vegenaise in the fridge. Your guests will keep coming back for more! #regram @slolley  A hearty meatless sandwich makes the perfect Tuesday lunch – with a little help from Vegenaise, of course. #regram: @beautifullyawakened  Look at this goodness! Have you seen the #MayoKarma logo on our jars in stores yet? Share a photo with us! #Vegenaise #regram @plantpowerla  Babies and kids love plant-based products too! What are your kids' favorite vegan and vegetarian foods?

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