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Cinco De Mayo

Published May 03, 2016

Here’s 5, I mean Cinco, Vegenaise® recipes to celebrate Cinco De Mayo! Lemon-Caper Sauce – Bright and citrusy, great for battered tofu tacos or dipping veggies straight in!   Curry Mayo – spicy and creamy, perfect for roasted veggies or adding to your tofu-buddha bowls!   Garlic-Parmesan Mayo – Super yummy! You’ll dip anything into this, from […]

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Mother’s Day Brunch

Published May 03, 2016

Every day should be Mother’s Day, but at least one day out of the year you get to treat your special ma to brunch. Here’s some plant-based recipes to show her just how much you care:   Strawberry Sour Cream Scones – These scones are sweet and soft, just like mom! Show her you love her […]

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Plant-Based Passover

Published Apr 20, 2016

Passover begins sundown this Friday, April 22, 2016. Most dishes usually involve eggs or meat or dairy, but we’ve got you covered! Check out some delicious recipes we’ve put together for this holiday.   Vegan Matzoh Ball Soup   Vegan Latkes   Vegetable Kugel with Carmelized Leeks   VeganEgg Matzoh Brei

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Easter Sunday Funday

Published Mar 24, 2016

  Easter typically revolves around eggs, and thank goodness this year you can still pay homage to tradition while staying plant-based. Check out our Easter Recipes below and impress your friends and loved ones!   VeganEgg Quiche Florentine – A classic. Cheesy, gooey, and you get some spinach, so it’s healthy, right? Try this recipe to […]

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?? Recipes for THE BIG GAME 2016 ??

Published Jan 29, 2016

Well, it’s that time of the year again! Time for sports, points, hustle, gridiron, touchdowns, and let’s not forget the most important part of this special Sunday… FOOD. Whether you’re hosting your own huddle or you’re going to a party, you can impress almost anyone with these delicious plant-based recipes.   Creamy Chipotle Bean Dip […]

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Cute Christmas Recipes

Published Dec 18, 2015

We at Follow Your Heart/Earth Island wish you the happiest of holidays! Sometimes, the best gift is a delicious treat. We’ve got you covered! Check out our wonderful recipes courtesy of our friends Gabrielle St. Claire, Stephanie Goldfinger, and Marina & Acooba Scott! Start off with these astounding vegan Orange-Cranberry Donuts.   If donuts are too much, then […]

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Follow Your Heart Educational Videos

Published Dec 14, 2015

Here at Follow Your Heart/Earth Island, part of our mission is to create an enjoyable workplace where all individuals can experience personal growth and emotional fulfillment. In that spirit, we encourage our employees to seek out education on matters that are important to us, such as cultural and environmental sustainability. Below are some of the […]

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A Very Vegan Hanukkah Dinner

Published Dec 04, 2015

Ah Hanukkah (or Chanukkah if that’s your thing). A time of the year where we celebrate the miracle of a tiny bit of oil lasting 8 days with the miracle of food. You know what else is a miracle? How far we’ve come with vegan food! Celebrate the Festival Of Lights with these fun recipes […]

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Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup!

Published Nov 23, 2015

It’s the most magical time of the year! Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays, you get to spend time with family and loved ones reflecting over all that you’re thankful for this year. The best part, however, is all the food!! We know if you’re the only vegan in the fam it can be […]

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Thanksgiving 2015 with Follow Your Heart Market & Cafe

Published Nov 03, 2015

Ah, Thanksgiving. A day to stuff yourself silly while avoiding that weird aunt who insists on reminiscing over every embarrassing moment of your childhood. Too tired to cook? Not enough time? Not sure your relatives understand that you’re vegetarian or vegan yet? Then Follow Your Heart Market and Cafe has you covered! Simply head in […]

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November 1st – World Vegan Day

Published Oct 30, 2015

It’s World Vegan Day! Founded in 1994, this day is to celebrate the anniversary of the term “vegan” and the creation of  The Vegan Society. On this day, we also celebrate the launch of World Vegan Month, where we spread knowledge and share food and tips in hopes of spreading a plant-based lifestyle. Whether hosting a […]

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World Food Day 2015

Published Oct 16, 2015

Today is World Food Day, a day that celebrates the creation of the Food and Agriculture Organization, founded upon “its belief that the goal of freedom from want of food, suitable and adequate for the health and strength of all people can be achieved” and brings awareness to a commitment to end hunger. At Follow […]

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Mexican Independence Day Soy-FreeEsta

Published Sep 16, 2015

Today marks the second day of Hispanic Heritage Month as well as the 205th anniversary of El Grito de Dolores.  Largely celebrated with parades, festivals, parties and of course, food. We’re bringing you a fun Mexican-themed menu but left out the soy for those allergic to it. Mexican food is flavorful and exciting and is […]

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Plant Based Labor Day BBQ Ideas

Published Sep 04, 2015

Summer draws to a close with one final celebration, Labor Day. The day where most of us kick up our feet and celebrate the American worker… by not working! Whether you’re hosting your own or visiting with friends, we’ve got some delish vegan BBQ ideas stacked up for you.   Summer Macaroni Salad This dish […]

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Published Jul 21, 2015

Here they are! All of Follow Your Heart x Lil B’s vegEMOJI’s in JPG format so you can share on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with your friends. Have an iPhone? Then you can send these awesome, positive emoji’s via text by downloading vegEMOJI in the iTunes store here:  

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Less Meat More Plants Coalition

Published May 08, 2015

  The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) has recently issued their recommendations to the USDA and Department of Health and Human Services. This recommendation states that for optimal health, the average American should consume a diet: higher in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds; lower in red and processed meats, and; low in […]

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Follow Your Heart® and Just Label It

Published Mar 13, 2015

We at Follow Your Heart/Earth Island believe you have a right to know what’s in your food. We avoid GMOs in all our products and we’ve sponsored the Just Label It campaign to spread the message to a broader audience. Over 90% of Americans support the mandatory labeling of GMOs, yet the FDA still has […]

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KarmaJar Recipe – Curry Lentil Soup

Published Feb 26, 2015

Here’s a fun gift for anyone trying to warm up this winter! Just take an old Vegenaise® jar and fill it with the lentils. Take the spices and make a spice packet to place on top of the lentils before placing the lid. Finally, you’ll want to attach these instructions to the jar. Happy eating! […]

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Hollywood Half Marathon 5K

Published Feb 13, 2015

Join Team Follow Your Heart as we take on Hollywood Half Marathon 5K in Hollywood, CA! In addition to the run, we will organize a team dinner to meet and greet team members, fuel up for the race, and give out FYH swag bags complete with special edition team performance t-shirts. Have fun. Make friends. […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Published Feb 11, 2015

    Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with our fun e-cards! Download vegEMOJI here!!     

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