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Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles - Mar 25th

North Hollywood, CA

Texas VegFest - Apr 07th

Austin, TX

VegFest - Apr 07th -08th

Seattle, WA

Earth Day San Francisco - Apr 21st

San Francisco, CA

 One of our favorite veggies, Eggplant, is not only heart-healthy because it has cholesterol fighting properties, but it's chock full of bioflavonoids, which is great for fighting high blood pressure. Your heart will be saying "mama mia" when you treat yourself to our Grilled Eggplant Manicotti. Link in our profile!  Our favorite way to eat Brussels sprouts? Slather them in our #Vegan Honey Mustard and give them a nice roasting. You, and your heart, will love our #HeartMonth recipe for Honey Mustard Roasted Brussels Sprouts. Link in our bio.  The only way into their heart... is to Follow Your Heart. Happy #ValentinesDay!  Ready for Valentine's Day? You will be with our adorable #vegEMOJI Valentines Cards! Download and print and share with your loved ones! Link in our profile!
 Time to upgrade your pin game! Take a cue from @craftyvegan26 and order your Cool #Vegenaise pin from our merch store!  "We are not going to be able to operate our Spaceship Earth successfully, nor for much longer, unless we see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common. It has to be everybody or nobody." - R. Buckminster Fuller.⠀ ⠀ “Bucky” is a huge reason Follow Your Heart is the company that it is. He also inspired the names of our facility, Earth Island, and its garden, Earth Garden. We stand by his philosophy regarding sustainability and the belief that for us to succeed, the world must work for everyone. So, we make the best possible products for people of all diets to enjoy, while maintaining business practices that empower our employees and protect our environment. Thank you for your support! #earthisland #buckminsterfuller #followyourheart  #Vegan BLTA brought to you by #Vegenaise. Sandwich and photo by @bryanparadis_. #BetterThanMayo #LiveHealthy  Broccoli and cauliflower are both known for their anti-inflammatory properties, making @greensandfries Broccoli Chick’n Kale Pesto Cauliflower Crust Pizza a no-brainer for #HeartMonth. Don't forget the #soyfree Provolone! Link in our profile!

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A Very vegEMOJI Valentine's!

    Spread the love this Valentine's Day with our fun e-cards! Download vegEMOJI here!!     

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